After writing a first blog post about how difficult it was to write a first blog post, I promptly accidentally deleted it. I fear this is representative of how this blog may work out for me but here goes (again)….

I wanted to use this post to give you some idea about who I am and what I’m planning on using this blog for so at least you can decided if it’s worth coming back. I’m a third year fine art student at the North Wales School of Art & Design. I hope to do a Masters there next year. I’ve also got a degree in History of Art and English from Birmingham University and an MSc in Marketing from Aston University Business School. Yes, I’ve spent a *lot* of time at university.

For the last 10 years I’ve also been a marketing consultant and graphic designer but I always wondered what would have happened if I had taken an practical first art degree instead of art history. So two years ago I decided to find out. Luckily it was the best decision I have ever made. My life is chaotic but it’s creative in many different ways, and I absolutely love what I do. I’m very lucky.

This blog came about originally for my ‘Creative Futures’ module which is all about researching and acquiring the kind of skills art students need in order to get a career after graduation. It’s been a brilliant learning exercise, and a radical departure from my previous careers advice at university which only really applied if you wanted to be a management consultant or an accountant. No thanks.

So this blog will hopefully go on to show what I’m working on and act as a sort of storage facility for things that inspire me as I go along. I’m lucky enough to follow more than a few bloggers who write brilliantly about a range of subjects and I’ll provide links to them (just as soon as I find out how to). It won’t just be about art, I’m also interested in politics of all persuasions, in learning more about feminism and I’m passionate about food. Yes it will be a mixed bag and I’ve never done this before, but thanks for joining me even if it’s just for this post.