A Few Of My Favourite Things…

Inspired by the brilliant Belgian Waffle blog, which was in turn inspired by this one, I thought I would consider my own list of those things which bring me joy.

I’ve skipped the obvious stuff about family and friends, and instead considered those little moments that bring a pure, simple joy to you for sometimes unexplained, sometimes far too lengthy to explain, reasons. I see them as little shafts of light that can permeate even the most annoying day. A very wise woman told me that we should make sure we have moments of joy every day.

This is inevitably a list in progress and will be added to, but here goes…

The smell of peppermint. Not spearmint or soft mint or tempered by something else, but pure, spiky peppermint.

The smell of linseed oil. Instantly calming.

Lamy fountain pens, but only with black or purple ink.

My son, contorted into some impossible position, soft, sweet and fast asleep.

The soft, fluffy bit on the nape of my daughter’s neck.

Stocky bald men. But not Ross Kemp.

Green and Blacks Milk Chocolate Crisp bars. I swear the crispy bits are crack. However also…

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, cold from the fridge.

Spending time in my friend Sarah’s perfect family kitchen.

Newborough Beach on Anglesey, especially just after the tide goes out and flocks of birds arrive for a buffet.

Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids In America’.

Anything by Carly Simon.

Hand-made mugs.

Tea and biscuits at the Grosvenor Hotel in Chester.

Roast pork, or more specifically, crackling.

Affogato served with either Amaretto or Frangelico.

All books by David Mitchell, especially ‘Cloud Atlas’

The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield